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K4CO D-STAR Repeater
Notice: The K4CO D-STAR repeater is temporarily out of service due to site remodeling. Check back for updates.
The Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club provides a D-STAR repeater system for use by any interested, licensed, amateur radio operator. The K4CO D-STAR repeater operates on 145.420 MHz. The input is offset down 600 KHz at 144.820 Mhz.
If you are new to D-STAR more information may be found at:
If you wish to register or update your D-STAR registration see the note below, then click here. However, if you have already registered with this Gateway - or any other D-STAR Gateway - please DO NOT register again!

If you would like to see the status of the K4CO D-STAR repeater and Gateway, click here.

** Note: You may receive a warning that the security certificate for the registration/Gateway site is "not valid", "untrusted", or some similar message. This is due to errors in the certificate which are outside the control of the NKARC. In order to continue, ignore the warning and proceed. The NKARC is not aware of any unusual hazard. However, travel at your own risk. **
If you already own a D-STAR radio, and are registerd with a D-STAR Gateway, you may program your radio to use the K4CO repeater by entering the following information:

RPT1: K4CO---C
RPT2: K4CO---G

Please note that the "-" above represents a space.

Welcome! Please enjoy the NKARC D-STAR Repeater.
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