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Welcome from the Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club. Our NKY Mapclub primarily serves the area of Northern Kentucky, but gladly offers its services and membership to anyone interested in Amateur Radio, regardless of location. NKARC holds regular, monthly meetings, open to all. The club owns and operates several VHF/UHF repeaters. The club also participates in various public service and Ham Radio events throughout the year.

Announcements & Club News
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(holiday pic) NKARC Holiday Dinner Meeting
6:30pm, Monday, December 11, 2017
Location: Golden Corral
488 Orphanage Rd, Fort Wright, KY 41017
See map here.
Please RSVP to k4co@ymail.com by Dec. 4th.
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Congratulations to our NKARC Officers for 2018
(2017 Officers)
Left to right: Director at Large- Cecil K4TCD,
Vice Pres.- Judy W1ORO, President- Greg W0QI.
Thanks to Don, KJ4VZX, for serving as Director at Large during 2017.
12/8/17 Greater Cincinnati and Kentucky News
by Jack Prindle, AB4WS
Each week, Jack Prindle, AB4WS, prepares 2-3 minutes of news from the Kentucky and Cincinnati area in audio format. To listen to Jack's current report click hear. Jack's contribution is also included in Amateur News Weekly found at amateurnewsweekly.com.
Volunteers Requested
The Hamilton Co. Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), and by extension KY7ARES, has been asked to provide a backup channel for the Cincinnati Dispatch Center on Dec. 12, 2017, due to a scheduled hardware and service update. The mission is to be available in case the update goes wrong and, if necessary, provide a link between Cincinnati residents and the Dispatch Center. ARES participants would be posted in public locations to receive calls for service and pass them on to dispatch via radio. Within the Greater Cincinnati area, if you are available and willing to to assist, if needed on Dec. 12, please email your contact info to k4co@ymail.com.
ARRL KY-Section Youth Coordinator, Mark Volstad, AI4BJ, has shared his Amateur Radio Quick Start sheet for anyone to use. To view or download a copy click here.
For a copy of Christain Bravo's & Mark Volstad's Nov. 13, 2017, presentation, Summits On The Air: "A Trip to Pine Mountain"
click here. Also, a video of their Pine Mountain SOTA activation may be found here.
Santa Net 2017
Santa Claus is on the air nightly to talk to good little girls and boys. Santa Net may be found each evening at 8:30 PM EST, from now through Dec. 24, on 3.916 MHz. Pre-net checkins start at 8 PM EST. Let your kids talk with Santa through the magic of Amateur Radio!
ARRL Ohio Section News Journal
Are you negotiating with Santa for a new handheld or DMR radio? You might want to take a look at "THE TECHNICAL COORDINATOR" portion of the Thanksgiving Edition of the Ohio Section Journal. This news letter is published regularly by Ohio Section Manager, Scott Yonally, N8SY. Lots of good information to be found there.
New Amateur Radio Satellite In Orbit
A new FM repeater satellite is now available for general Amateur use. Local reports of hearing AO-91, also known as RadFxSat and Fox-1B, with only a handheld and a rubber duck antenna are very encouraging. Click here for more details.
"HAM radio operators vital if disaster strikes"
A nice report from KING 5 News in Seattle, WA, about the importance of Ham Radio in the event of a disaster.
ARRL 10 Meter Contest
Dec. 9-10, 2017
Here's a chance for all Hams, Techs included, to get on HF and have some fun, maybe even work some DX. Click here for more info.
NASA On the Air Special Event
Starting Dec. 11, 2017
Amateur radio stations at NASA locations will be on the air on several dates from Dec. 11, 2017, through Dec. 21, 2018, to help observe various NASA anniversaries. On Dec. 11-14, 2017, they will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of Apollo 17. They are offering commemorative QSL cards and a downloadable special certificate indicating how many NASA centers you worked on various bands and modes through out the year. See nasaontheair.wordpress.com for more info.
(Parity Act) Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017
Even though 2018 will be here soon, the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017 is still alive. The bill remains in play until the current session of Congress adjourns, which doesn't happen until December 31, 2018. The ARRL urges U.S. Amateurs to contact their Senators and express their support for this bill. Click here to take action, or here for more info.
MARS Operators Needed
The Military Auxiliary Radio System provides contingency communications support on behalf of the men and women of the Department of Defense and other U.S. Government users in support of their important and diverse national security missions whenever, however and wherever required. Notably, the disasters created by recent hurricanes. MARS Region 4, which covers the Southeastern U.S. including Kentucky, Florida, and Puerto Rico, needs more operators. If you are interested in joining MARS, see www.afmarsse.org and www.mars.af.mil for more info. Or, email Jim, W2JDG, at hatt53@aol.com, or Russ Connors, AF MARS State Director for Kentucky, at Russ@RussConnors.com.
A list of Cincinnati area Ham Radio nets may be found here.
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