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Don't forget to join or renew your membership in the Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club for 2024. See the membership form for details.

New 147.375 Repeater in Walton!

Thanks to the efforts of the K8BIG group and Dan KC8ZUM, a new repeater is on the air at the site of the former NKARC repeater in Walton which went silent in December. Receiver sensitivity is a bit low at the moment, but Dan is planning to replace the duplexer in the near future, which should restore the repeater to its full former glory. Thank you Dan!

53.85 Repeater Lives Again!

In more good news, the 53.85 repeater in Walton has also been returned to service, thanks to the efforts of Bob KG4MVN. Bob purchased the repeater from its former owner and agreed to pay the electrical bill. Thank you Bob!

AB4WS Radio Show

For the latest Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio News listen to Jack Prindle's weekly podcast.  Jack's Radio Show is also available as a podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.  Just search for "AB4WS Radio Show."

Amateur Exam Study Buddy

Scott, N3FJP and his son Chris, KB3KCN have gifted the amateur radio community with a new web site: Amateur Exam Study Buddy. This site will help newcomers to the hobby obtain their very first license, or help existing hams upgrade to a new one!

Parks On The Air

The Parks On The Air (POTA) program is gaining more and more popularity.  Several local Hams have been "activating" parks and many more are actively looking for stations to contact in our park system.  To learn more, or to check the schedule of park activations try the POTA link below. Or, see the POTA presentation by Curtis Turner, KB3CMT.

Kentucky Emergency Net

Now is more important than ever for you to check into the Kentucky Emergency Net.  The Kentucky Emergency Net meets every Monday Evening at 7:30 PM Eastern Time on 3972.5 KHz.  If you cannot check in via HF you can check in using one of these alternate modes:

  • Yaesu Fusion Wires-X W4IOD Node Number 33114
  • YSF Reflector W4IOD YSF40806
  • DMR Brandmeister Talkgroup 31211 Kentucky ARES
  • Echolink W4IOD-R 226113
  • Check-ins are managed through Netlogger.

Greater Cincinnati Area Repeaters

Greater Cincinnati Area Nets

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