Northern Kentucky
Amateur Radio Club

NKARC Repeaters

MHz Offset PL Tone Location/Desc.
147.030 -600 kHz 123.0 St. Elizabeth South, Edgewood KY; K4CO
147.255 +600 kHz 123.0 Edgewood KY; K4CO
444.35 (OFF AIR) +5 MHz 123.0 Edgewood, KY; K4CO
DMR Repeater Associated with NKARC & KY6ARET
+5.0 MHz 123.0 Edgewood, KY; K4TCD

For a complete list of Greater Cincinnati area repeaters or DMR radio programming suggestions, both by Jack Prindle, AB4WS, click the links below.

Regular Nets

NKARC Net: Each Tuesday at 8:30 PM local time on 146.79, PL 123.  Net control operators are always welcome.  If you want to help out, or gain experience as a net control operator, please email

For a list of Greater Cincinnati area amateur radio nets, by Jack Prindle AB4WS, click the link below.

Other Greater Cincinnati area nets

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