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Club Meeting - 7:30 PM, Mon., 03/11/19

Program: To Be Announced

Thanks to Tom Delaney, W8WTD, ARRL Great Lakes Division Vice Director, for a comprehensive update from the American Radio Relay League at our February meeting.

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Antarctic Activity Week

Now thru Feb. 24, 2019
Antarctic Activity Week (AAW) 2019 is under way until February 24, with special call signs on the air. Some call signs to listen for are Australia, VK2ANT; Austria, OE16AAW, OE88WAP, OE89ANT, and OE90AAW; Belgium, OR16ANT; France, TM16AAW, TM16WAP, and TM1ANT; Italy, II2ANT, II5ANT, IO5SP, IR18AAW, IR1ANT, IR4ANT, and IV3BOVE; The Netherlands, PA6ANT and PF19ANT; Poland, SP0ANT; Spain, AO1WAP, Ukraine, EM16UAP, and US, K4A, K4K, and KB0ANT.

South MONIX Meeting

Feb. 23, 2019
The February meeting of South MONIX Radio Monitoring Club will be held at the Bellevue, KY, Donatos Pizza (15 Donnermeyer Dr.), starting at 6pm. Anyone with a PSR800 is requested to bring it to the meeting in order to troubleshoot a problem picking up the MARCS system.

School Club Roundup Results

Preliminary results from the Dixie Hts. High School Radio Club, KY4DH, for the recent School Club Roundup are:
   Contacts - 78
   States worked - 29 plus 2 Canadian Provinces
   Total score - 6240
Contacts of special interest were K3FBI, FBI Amateur Radio Assoc., Quantico, VA, and W5RRR, Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club, Houston, TX.
Thanks to all who helped both on and off site.

ARISS Packet System Back On the Air

from ARRL Letter of Feb. 14, 2019
The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) packet system is back on the air with new equipment. Crew members installed the new module on Feb. 2; the RF gear remains the same. The ISS packet system, located in the ISS Columbus module, TNC module became intermittent in July 2017. The packet system operates on 145.825 MHz. ARISS is an official back-up system for astronauts to talk with Mission Control in the unlikely failure of the station's primary communication systems.

CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest

SSB: Feb. 22-24, 2019
CW: Feb. 25-27,2019
Objective: For amateurs around the world to contact other amateurs in as many U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and countries as possible utilizing the 160 meter band.

SDR Explained in Plain English

From the Ohio Section Jan. 28th Edition of "Post Script" by Scott, N8SY.

Dave Kennett, W8KFJ, has produced a series of YouTube videos about SDR Radio. The first two parts, found at the buttons below, do a great job of explaining the basics and the hardware.

Skywarn Spotter Training

The Wilmington Office of the National Weather Service will be offering spotter training in several local area counties. A class will be held at the Carroll County EOC, 820 Polk St., Carrollton, KY, at 6:30pm, on Feb. 12. Other future classes:
   Hamitlton County, OH - Feb. 19
   Pendleton County, KY - Feb. 27
   *Boone/Kenton Counties, KY - March 4
   Owen/Grant Counties, KY -March 25
   Campbell County, KY - April 3

* On-line registration for the Boone/Kenton Co. class is available at:

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