Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club

Sharing and Promoting Amateur Radio in the Northern Kentucky Area

Club Officers Re-elected for 2020
Right to left: Pres. Greg Lamb, W0QI; VP Judy Smith, W1ORO; Director at Large Cecil Denis, K4TCD

Club Meeting - 7:30 PM, Mon., Feb. 10, 2020

Program: Quadrifilar Helical Antennas – How They Work and How to Build One

by Brian DeYoung, K4BRI

Interested in receiving satellites or the International Space Station (ISS) on 2 meters, or just want an all-around good 2M antenna that you can build? This program describes the Quadrifilar Helix antenna, some of its advantages, and how to build one yourself!

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AB4WS Radio Show

For the latest Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio News listen to Jack Prindle's weekly podcast. Jack's Radio Show is also available as an iTunes podcast. Just search for "AB4WS Radio Show."

KA6LMS (Last Man Standing) Operating Schedule

1/21/20 – SSB on 20, then 40 Meters
1/28/20 - CW activation on HF
2/11/20 – FT8 activation on HF
Live from the Last Man Standing TV studio in Studio City, CA. The station usually gets on the air around 2345Z.

Winter Field Day

Jan. 25-26, 2020
Winter Field Day is sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association (WFDA), which believes that emergency communication is important throughout the year.

AM Rally

0000Z, Feb. 1 to 0700Z, Feb. 3, 2020
This operating event on the HF & 6M bands is a chance to have some fun with Amplitude Modulation with carrier.

On the Air Magazine

Click the link below to request a free sample issue of ARRL's new magazine, On the Air.

List of Operating Events

Bill, AJ8B, has compiled a condensed list of operating events coming up this year. To view or download a copy, see the link below.

"Choosing & Buying Best Ham Radio Antenna"

Dreaming about a new antenna for next summer? This article from (see link below) is a good tutorial to help choose the right one.

2020 NKARC Membership

As we start a new year, please don't forget to join or renew your membership in the Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club. Everyone is welcome and your dues help keep the club repeaters on the air as well as pay for Field Day and other club expenses. Thank you!

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